Premium Series

Strong Spas brings you a new way to experience tranquility

Exceeding expectations with every moment, the Premium Series delivers luxury beyond belief. Superior hydrotherapy, extravagant features and lasting quality bring you this indulgent spa experience. With lasting quality and a sleek exterior finish, this premium spa will enhance your outdoor space while delivering a luxurious environment full of opulence, relaxation, and therapeutic relief.

Three Sleek DURA-LAST Cabinets


Naturally distinctive and bold, our Cobblestone cabinet combines Old World style and flair with New World technology. Made entirely of recyclable materials, our cobblestone is a maintenance-free resin cabinet with a limited lifetime guarantee against cracking, rotting and rusting.

Gray Granite

Impressive and eye-catching, our Gray Granite cabinet evokes rugged but classy luxury. Modern and maintenance-free, it combines power with an insulated base that’s 10 times thicker than most spas with efficiency as it recycles its own heat.


Rich and timeless, our Millstone cabinet has a dual-walled system that creates a highly efficient thermal barrier. Combining strength with our industry-leading lifetime guarantee, our Millstone cabinet is strong and exquisite.

Available Features

Dura-Shield TM

Combining resilience with security, strength with beauty, the HardCover model requires very little maintenance.

Ultra-Strong Cover Lifter

We keep it easy, just like opening a car door….except on a spa!

Pedestal Base

Do you know what the Statue of Liberty and Michelangelo’s David statue have in common?  We take care of the little things and big things like a strong base.

Rotational Molding Cabinet

Amazing cutting-edge technology is the genius behind our hot tub molding process.  The details aren’t exactly important.  What is important is we make owning a Durasport Hot Tub stress free.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Everyone likes things that are easy to operate and enjoy.  It’s simple.  Find a level spot for your new spa, fill it from the garden hose, and plug it in.


Our Strong Spas lounger features ergonomically-inspired seating.  Relax and enjoy the hydrotherapy of a Strong Spas hot tub.

Hydrotherapy Jets

Each spa has a wide variety of hydrotherapy jets, specifically designed & positioned to deliver massage & relief.  Each jet is lined with a stainless steel surround for added luxury & distinction.

LED Ice Bucket

We make it easy to keep your drinks cold.  Even better, we make it easy to find your cold drinks!

Air Controls with LED

Easy to use and instant satisfaction is the best way we can think of how to describe our LED Air Controls.

LED Water Column Shooter

There’s just something relaxing about watching our LED Water Column Shooter.  You’ll just have to trust us on this one.

Digital Topside Control Panel

Our Strong Spas digital topside control panel on each of our spas is easy to operate and intuitive.  We make it easy for you to enjoy your spa.


With our ozonator, you only have to change spa water every 8 to 12 months instead of the typical 3 months.  It sanitizes the spa water keeping the water fresher and clearer for longer periods of time.

  • Manufacturer: StrongSpas